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Announcing “Find Your Light” book club for businesses and organizations

Announcing “Find Your Light” book club for businesses and organizations

As we slowly start to get together in the office, rekindle our relationships in person and begin looking at what this new environment looks like, a little happiness inspiration is needed! Human connection through sharing stories and experiences has been an age old pastime throughout all cultures.  As visions are being completed, and individuals are refocused, members come together to support each other, learn from each other, inspire each other, and find belonging once again together.

I think we can all say that what we missed the most during the pandemic is a sense of community, both in the workplace and with our outside activities. I know I did. Yes, we all zoomed together, video chatted, did what we could to feel connected but admittedly many of us felt isolated. There is something to be said about seeing your neighbors and engaging in a spontaneous chat, meeting in the company lunchroom or seeing your friends and just being. Many companies put their activities on hold as it was challenging to find things to do during city lock downs. It’s time to breathe a little fresh air into each other.  My story “Finding Light” encourages and empowers others to summon the inner strength within themselves, get “unstuck” and create the life they want.  Whether you are in a third world country or small town USA you will see parts of yourself in this story.  You will be inspired.  You will be challenged.  You will be changed.  Are you ready?

Day 1.  All participants are encouraged to ready the book before the first gathering.  I will give some background about the book, some behind the scenes that are not in the book and read Chapter 1.  We will select two more chapters together.  Each chapter has a different theme and we will discuss how those areas are weaved into our own lives.  Everyone does not have to share however this dialect will let the opportunity unfold to get to know our colegues better and reform the human connection we have so missed. Participants will have some fun “homework” like writing down their own “six suitcases” and 90th birthday speech.

Day 2.  Usually this day will be a week apart from day 1.  New participants are encouraged to come.  We will open dialogue with the homework and as a group pick two more chapters to unpack.  The days are light and fun.  We will laugh and explore and celebrate each other and having the opportunity to join together again and share stories.

There is no charge for the book club however, a minimum book purchase of 20 books hard or soft cover is required.  This minimum is waived for non-profits and e-books are available at a discounted rate.

Please call 401-529-2850 to schedule your days.

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