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In a compelling memoir, Pamela Beth Bhatia shares a candid glimpse into her vulnerable journey as she raised her boys in a third-world country, just prior to the killing of Osama bin Laden. While detailing her thoughts and unique personal experiences that tested everything she knew and believed in, Bhatia offers inspiring messages around her broken marriage, missing purpose, culture conflicts, differences in opinion of what a successful woman, wife, and mother should be, and the difficult life choices that will ultimately define her. Throughout her narrative, Bhatia encourages and empowers others to summon the inner strength to overcome life’s greatest challenges, get “unstuck” and create their ideal life. She shines a light on the importance and power of decision even in the mist of uncertainty. Whether you are in a third world country or small town USA you will see parts of yourself in this story. You will be inspired. You will be challenged. You will be changed. Are you ready?

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